The Easiest Way To Grow Your Reputation

Send review requests to customers by SMS or email

Minimise the steps your customers have to take to leave a good review by letting Piivot take them directly to where they need to be.

Monitor and respond to all your reviews

Stay ontop of your online feedback by responding to all your reviews through a single interface. Get alerted when someone has left a new review on any of your profiles.

Send Your First Review Request in 3 Minutes

Why You Need Piivot

90% of consumers make their decision to choose a product, service or business over their online reviews.

They are the most powerful marketing tool a business has, and are the single most difficult attribute to grow, until now.

How it works

The platform is deceptively simple and easy to use. We plug in your Google My Business account and create a link to the review section of the account. We then embed this into a message for you. You can edit the message copy or go with our tested and effective review request. It's as simple as putting in a customer's phone number or email and clicking send.

You can then track the progress of the review request and respond to any reviews through Piivot as well. But it doesn't stop there. For those who are really interested in growing their business Piivot allows you to track how many calls and clicks your profiles are getting based on these new requests. That means you can see that the platform is working for you. We also have a short 5 minute daily routine for you to follow if you want an easy way to build your business into a profitable enterprise.