Piivot Pricing

Free Forever

What's Included
Review Requests
Email Only (5 day / 30 month)
Real-Time Analytics
Create or Link Google My Business
Link Facebook
Multi-Channel Posting (5 day / 30 month)
Contact Management (500 total)
dLook Free Listing
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$ 29.00
/ month

Billed annually or
$36.25 month-to-month

What's Included
Review Requests
SMS (5 day / 75 month)
Email (10 day / 200 month)
Real-Time Analytics
Website & Hosting
Create or Link Google My Business
Link Facebook
Multi-Channel Posting (10 day / 200 month)
Contact Management (5000 total)
Australian Based Support
dLook Premium Listing
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Pricing FAQ

Is the free plan really free forever?

Absolutely Free with no credit card required. The Free Plan Features allow one review request per day or up to 30 Review Requests Per Month. There are some great features such as email message notifications, real time analytics, contact management and Google My Business management. You can add SMS and in our paid plans but if free works for you then use it.

Is there a fixed term contract?

Piivot does not have any hidden fees, contracts or termination fees. Paid accounts are billed monthly and you may cancel at any time.

How are the review requests delivered to my customers?

You can request reviews from your customers via SMS or email. This can be from your phone on a one-by-one basis or through a bulk upload of your customers data. You can request reviews directly from your mobile smartphone, tablet, desktop. Piivot has built in spam safeguards to stop multiple resends to the same contact requesting a review.

How can I add customers to send review requests to?

You can insert your contacts individually as you go or you can upload your customers contact data via CSV which will automate the process of requesting reviews.

How much time is required to start seeing results?

Piivot aims to automate and simplify as much of the process as possible, however for best results it only takes a couple of minutes each day to add your latest customers and send them a review request. The daily routine feature aims to remind you to do this so that you can start getting the best results possible for your business.

How can I see results / How do I know its working?

We provide you with real-time analytics direct from each of your linked platform, we pull in lead and performance related metrics such as 'click-to-calls', form submissions, profile views and clicks. We also pull in review related metrics so you can track your improvement overtime.

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We provide phone support Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm AEST.
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